nd plugin commands

Build version: 0.30.0 - v0.30.0


eventdctl-nd — nd plugin commands


eventdctl [OPTIONS...] {notification-daemon} {command} [command arguments...]


These eventdctl commands control the nd plugin behaviour. See eventdctl(1) for more details.


switch backend target

Tell the plugin to switch to the specified backend for the specified target.

backend may be any backend built in nd.

target is backend-specific.


Tell the plugin to stop the current running backend.

dismiss target queue

Allow to dismiss notifications.

target can be: all, oldest, newest.

queue is optional and can be any name configured. The queue "default" is always available, but note that it can be left unused.

If you do not specify an anchor, it will dismiss notifications from all anchors even if target is oldest/newest.


List the available backends.


Display the current backend status.

Additional details can be displayed based on the backend internal behaviour.

Exit status

These exit statuses are the plugin-specific ones, in addittion to the generic ones you can find in eventdctl(1).

dismiss target queue: 50

There was no notification to dismiss.

See Also

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eventd configuration

Contains information about all the event configuration

Plugins distributed with eventd will use the same scheme: eventd-plugin-name for their additional eventd command-line options, eventdctl-plugin-name for their additional eventdctl command-line options, eventd-plugin-name.conf for their configuration,

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