notify plugin configuration

Build version: 0.30.0 - v0.30.0


eventd-notify.conf — notify plugin configuration


Configuration for the notify plugin.


The notify plugin relays events to a notification daemon.

Action sections

Section [Libnotify]


A boolean

If true, no notification will be created.

Title= (defaults to "${title}")

A localised format string

The notification's title. It will be highlighted compared to the message.

Message= (defaults to "${message}")

A localised format string

The notification's message.

Image= (defaults to "image")

A file URI

The notification's image. Generally event-specific.

If no image is provided, the icon is used instead.

Icon= (defaults to "icon")

A file URI

The notification's icon. Generally application-specific or category-specific.

If the notification daemon does not support displaying both image and icon, or the icon not being an URI, it will be rendered overlaying the image.

OverlayScale= (defaults to 50)

A percentage as an integer

Scale factor used if the icon is rendered as an overlay to the image.

Urgency= (defaults to normal)

An enumeration

The urgency of the notification. One of low, normal, or critical.

Section [Libnotify hints]

This section has special handling. All keys in this section are translated to hints for the server.

The key name is used as-is, and the key value is a format string which, once resolved, will be parsed as a GVariant text.

Example 1. Setting a notification as transient and of category "device.added"


[Libnotify hints]

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Plugins distributed with eventd will use the same scheme: eventd-plugin-name for their additional eventd command-line options, eventdctl-plugin-name for their additional eventdctl command-line options, eventd-plugin-name.conf for their configuration,

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