IM plugin configuration

Build version: 0.27.0 - v0.27.0-1-geff45a51 (master)


eventd-im.conf — IM plugin configuration


Configuration for the IM plugin.


The im plugin provides messaging through libpurple.

Global sections

Section [IM]


A string list

A list of account names to be used in the account specific sections.

Section [IMAccount account name]

Each section should refer to an account name (see the section called “Section [IM]).


A string

A libpurple protocol name, e.g. "prpl-irc".


A string

A libpurple user name, the exact format is protocol-dependant, e.g. "bot@chat.freenode.net".


A string

The password of the account, if needed.


An integer

The connection port, needed for some protocols.

UseTLS= (defaults to true)

A boolean

Whether to use TLS or not.

For IRC, simply uses TLS. For XMPP and Oscar, forces TLS.

ChatLeaveTimeout= (defaults to -1)

A time in seconds (-1 for infinity)

The number of seconds the plugin will remain connected to a chat room.

ReconnectTimeout= (defaults to 5)

A strictly positive time in seconds

The number of seconds the plugin will wait before attempting to connect after a connection failure. This amount is doubled after each failed attempt, up to 3600 (1 hour).

ReconnectMaxTries= (defaults to 0)

An integer (0 for infinity)

The number of time the plugin will retry to connect after a connection failure.

Action sections

Section [IM]


A boolean

If true, no message is sent.


An account name

The account that will send the message (see eventd-im.conf(5)).


A list of recipient name

A list of recipients to send the message to, the exact format is protocol-dependant, e.g. "example@xmpp.org" or "#project".

Chat= (defaults to true)

A boolean

If true, Recipient= is used as a chat room name (e.g. some protocols requires to join a chat room before talking in it).


A format string

The message to be sent.

See Also

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Plugins distributed with eventd will use the same scheme: eventd-plugin-name for their additional eventd command-line options, eventdctl-plugin-name for their additional eventdctl command-line options, eventd-plugin-name.conf for their configuration,

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